Friday, 7 February 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Ache

This weeks photo for Five Sentence Fiction spoke to be immediately, the prompt word giving me direction.


She leans forward against the window in the airport lounge and cranes to see their little bodies as they step out onto the aeroplane stairs; her eager breath creating a mist round the shape of her hands on the window. She hasn’t seen them in so long she can barely remember what their little faces look like, and wonder how tall they’ve grown.

Led by their chaperone, they run down the steps onto the tarmac into the tiny airport, their eyes wide taking in their strange new surroundings, while searching round desperate to spot the mother they haven’t seen in months

As soon as they’re allowed they rush through security and fling themselves into her arms, crowding her with kisses and clinging to her with no intention of letting go.

She embraces them, squeezing them tight in the hope that it will finally expel the ache she’s carried in her soul since the day she had to leave them.